Meeting Minutes

  4-8-2017 MTHA annual meeting

Treasures report:  Gary Huschle made motion to except report. Chris Nistley 2nd. Passed

Secretary’s report: Corrected youth hunt date to June 11, 2017

Election of new officers and directors: Jack Veit made a motion to keep all the officers and directors the same for this election.  Ken Olson 2nd passed

President: Ron Walz,  VP: Al Vogtlin, Treasurer: Craig Holst, Secretary: Mark Reimer


Jack Veit, Mike Duchene, Ken Arndt, Dan Bates, Mike Bates, Chris Nistler, Jordan Beack, Shay Nelson

Web Sight contact Brian Lorenz for administration code for Chad Klug to update. Send information to Chad Klug text 763-486-2970 email or Ken Olson text 320-292-1045 email Motion made by Ken Olson and 2nd by Mike Bates.  Passed

Jack Veit made motion to rent a brush hog to clean trails in pens. Craid Holst 2nd. Passed  Bring saws and chain saws to first pup hunt to help clean trails after pup hunt is over.

Mark Reimer made motion to pump out outhouse Gary Huschel 2nd . passed Al Vogtlin will take care of it.

Jack Veit made motion to send pics of top 5 to hunters horn after each hunt and email to Chad Klug.  Jordan Beack 2nd.  Passed

Mark Reimer made motion to induct I person to the MTHA hall of Fame each year. Send nominations to president before July 8th 2017 so we can vote on it at meeting after pup hunt. Jody Bates 2nd  passed

Mike Bates made motion to have the club buy a gas skillet or griddle to cook on, with a max price of $300  Chad Klug 2nd  passed

Jack Veit made motion and Ken Olson 2nd to pay Mike DuChene $100 to reimburse him for breakfast from last year pup hunts. Passed

Bear Drag committee; Craig Holst, Chad Klug, Travis Fick, & Chris Nistler

Puppy hunt committee:

Ron Walz, Al Vogtlin, Jordan Beack, John Larson, Craig Holst, Mike Duchene

Winter Hunt Committee:

Mark Reimer, Mike Bates, Dan Bates, Ron Walz & Mike DuChene

Hall of Fame Inductees were Honored.  They were Deb and Chris Nistler, Mark Petron, Jack Veit, & Mark Reimer

The Vet Dr. Ann gave us a talk about diseases that hound get and how to take care of wounds hounds get as well

Meeting was adjourned.