Meeting Minutes


Annual Meeting was held 4-15-18 Old Business:

Treasurer Report was read and approved as follows:  $7272.24 in checking, $2506.68 in Money Market account.  For a total $9778.92.

The Winter hunt with entry fees and memberships brought in $2320.00. And the puppy hunts along with memberships minus expenses brought in $2008.00

There was an election of officers held and your officers for the 2018 season are as follows:

President: Ron Walz, V. President: Al Voegtion, Treasurer:  Craig Holst, Secretary:  Chad Klug

The 2018 Puppy hunt committee : Jordan Beak, Al Voegtion, Mike Bates, Mike DuChene,  Shay Nelson and Ron Walz.

The 2018 Winter Hunt committee: Jordan Beak, Mike Bates, Mike DuChene, Shay Nelson and Ron Walz.

The bear drag was discussed. We are going to stay in touch with Red Jacobson and it was talked about to hold the bear drag with the Trail Hound Association and Red Jacobson.

New Business:

We will be having a non member Master of Hounds for the winter hunt this year. This was discussed  at the meeting to make it easier on members of the Association and those participating in the hunt.

Pictures for the Winter hunt must now be submitted to the MOH by 6pm on Sunday at the close of the hunt. This will extend the time by two hours giving teams some extra time to get pictures in.

The MTH website was discussed and we will keep this running for the 2018 season to see how it goes.

For those of you that want to join the Minnesota Trail Hound Association on Face book, please try the following:

MTHA(Minnesota Trail Hound Association)

Please enter into the search bar on Face book just as you see above and hit Search. This should help but if you are still having problems, please contact Dan Bates or Chad Klug and they can walk you through this.

There was a motion made to open a savings account with 2500.00 from checking.  This has passed.

The Winter hunt entry fees will go towards prizes for the Winter hunt this year.

We will be finishing the wall and the counter in the clubhouse  and also putting in a furnace with a limit of 500.00 to be spent. Mike Bates has the furnace, wood and cabinets.

Nominations for MTHA Hall of Fame are as follows: Dick Sackett, Bob Niles and Merold Mohni. Voting will be at the fall meeting on August 5th.