Dates:    May 7th,  2017  1st  Qualifier      May 21st 2017, 2nd  Qualifier       June 11th, 2017   3rd   Qualifier          July 9th 2017 State Championship

Ages:  Puppies born after January 1st  2016

20 hound maximum per hunt.            Hunts held at Tomberlin’s Pen

1 Hound per person (judge) per hunt  (1 extra hound per person will be excepted if there is room. Based on who calls in first to reserve numbers.)

All hunts are 3 hours long and will start at daybreak

All people entering hounds must be a current paid member of the MTHA.

Youths under 18 years old do not have to be members (but we would like their parent or the person who brought them to the hunt to be a member)

No GPS hand held or truck units are allowed during hunts. GPS collars are allowed on the dogs to retrieve hounds after hunt is over.

Entry Fee $25.00 per hound.

Please provide Sire and Dam of your hound with your hounds name for registration.

Top 7 hounds in each qualifying hunt will be in the finals.

There will be a final day State Champion and a High Point State Champion hound for the year based on 2 qualifiers score and final hunt score added together.

You can put same hound in all qualifying hunts and you can qualify more than 1 hound for the finals. If you qualify more than 1 hound in finals please bring an extra judge.

All age bench show Saturday June 10th 2017 at 7:00 pm entry fee $5.00

Youth hunt will be June 11th at 10:00am in front pen. No entry fee

Door prizes will be given for youth at approx. 12:00 (noon)

State Champion hound and High Point champion will have their picture in the Hunters Horn.

Call Ron Walz at 320-267-8782 to register for hunts and let Ron know if you would like to register more than 1 hound. Please register at least one week prior to the hunt.


1. 3 day hunting event – dates to be determined

2. Each team will have a Captain. Captains are responsible for teams following rules and counting scores.

3. Try to limit to 10 to 12 members per team.

a. Spectators are welcome and they have to be members of the MTHA.
b. Landowners and children under 16 do not have to be members of the MTHA.
c. Teams must hunt together. Teams cannot split up to have separate chases going on at the same time.

4. All team members must be current MTHA members at the time of registration.

5. Tournament boundaries are the state of Minnesota.

6. All Game Laws must be followed.

7. Entry fee is $50.00 per team for the first 10 team members.

a. Any team with more than 10 members must pay an additional $5.00 per member over 10.
b. Entry fee must be paid by February 4th , 2016.
c. Send entry fees to Craig Holst, 1650 Co Rd. 122 Fort Ripley, MN 56449
d. All team members must have MTHA membership current at the time of registration.

8. Only Coyotes and Red Fox count.

9. Scoring:

a. Coyote or Red Fox caught by the hounds (no bullet holes) – 75 points.
b. Coyote or Red Fox shot – 50 points.
c. Heaviest Coyote or Red Fox – Tie Breaker.

10. Hounds must be tracking the Coyote or Red Fox to count. No freebies.

11. Trail Hounds only. No sight dogs allowed.

12. Absolutely no snowmobiles or ATV’s.

13. If the pursued quarry, whether fox or coyote, makes it to a den or culvert it must be left alone and cannot be counted toward the team’s score.

14. Master of Hounds may have a team in the contest.

15. Because of the Super Bowl on Sunday the Team Captains must call in by 4:00 p.m. on Sunday Febuary 7th, 2016 to the Master of Hounds.

16. Master of Hounds may ask to look at your Coyotes or Red Fox.

17. All disputes will be decided by the Master of Hounds.

18. Traveling Trophy will be awarded at the annual meeting to the winning team.

19. Any questions should be referred to Mark Reimer, 320-267-3215